Calling all fellow bloggers and fashionistas, I want to introduce you to 'Fyunka' (meaning Bow in Arabic) a quirky Jeddah based line which sells very unique bags which are guaranteed to satisfy your fashion taste buds! I came across this amazing brand online and my first reaction was 'who created these stunning bags'??!! And so I hunted Fyunka down in order to keep up with their upcoming designs and news. And so ever since I came across Fyunka I've been obsessed with this brand!!! (especially the Chanel jumbo) 

Fyunka is available at:

★ S*uce boutique Dubai-Abu Dhabi

★ Impression boutique Qatar

★ Maison Bo-M Jeddah-Riyadh

★Fortune Cookie Boutique Kuwait

★Green Diamond Boutique Bahrain

★Boutique Muscat Oman

But to all the fashionistas who can't get to these boutiques don't worry! You can check out Fyunka's facebook page to find out how you can get your hands on these beauties.

 Follow Fyunka on Twitter @Fyunka and the amazing brain & beauty behind the brand @AlaaBalkhy

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