Fashion Find: Uniqlo Barbie T-shirt


I'm a huge fan of Uniqlo and I find their clothing so comfy (well their t-shirts anyway). I went in store to get my hands on a Lulu Guinness, but me being me I started looking around to see what else I could buy. I saw this Barbie t-shirt and I thought I'd try it on as well as the Lulu Guinness t-shirt to see which one I liked more. At first I thought it would be obvious which one I would buy, however I opted for the Barbie t-shirt! It was a bit longer than your typical t-shirt which I liked and I found it more softer. I'm thinking to buy the Lulu-Guinness t-shirt as I've found out it's been reduced to £9.90 from £14.90 online (I'm not sure about in-store), so get your hands on them before they are gone! 

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