Product Of The Week: Coconut Oil


This product of the week speaks for itself! Coconut oil is well known for being used to 're-store' damaged hair and it does what is says exactly on the tin (you get what I mean). Having been using it for a while now I noticed the difference in my hair, it's a lot softer, looks and feels more 'healthy' and my hair is not a frizzy as it use to be. So I highly recommend it!

How to apply coconut oil:

  • Heat up the coconut oil either by; placing it in hot water or placing a portion of coconut oil in a jar/bowl and heating it in the microwave
  • Massage the oil into your hair from the scalp/roots to your tips
  • Leave it in for at least one hour, to allow the oil to do its magic
  • Wash your hair as normal, but making sure all the oil has comes out

You will start noticing the difference very quickly!

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