Body Shop Aloe Soothing Day Cream & Exfoliator Review


I have officially become a Body Shop addict! I am always on their website to look for new products I could try out and their aloe range was next. Being a person who has sensitive skin I am very careful on what I apply to my skin as I can suffer a sudden break out. I have been looking for a face cream which is hydrating but is suitable for sensitive skin and the body shop aloe soothing day cream was perfect! I purchased the day cream while body shop had an offer on as I find their products can be pricey at times. So I definitely recommend checking out their website as they usually have a 35/40% discount event on. Using this day cream I feel that it is light and it is not a heavy as the previous face creams I have used before but I do sometimes feel that it can be slightly sticky if I apply a bit too much on.

Next off is the Aloe Gentle Exfoliator. I wanted a new exfoliator as I found that the Vitamin C Facial Cleansing Polish a bit too 'rough' for my skin. With the aloe exfoliator I have found that it is a lot gentler on my skin but I do sometimes feel that it is a bit too gentle as the exfoliating beads are not as big as the vitamin c cleaning polish exfoliating beads.

Overall I do recommend both these products for people who do have sensitive skin as it has been gentle on my skin. I hope you have found this review helpful, if you would like to ask me more questions about these products, want to share your view or want me to do a review on a product please comment below as I love hearing from you! 

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