Illamasqua Product Review


So back in April 2012 I did a post on Illamasqua powder foundation, so I thought its about time I did a review on a few of their products that have really worked for me and that I highly recommend.

I suffer from dry skin which has caused me problems when applying makeup as my skin becomes flaky especially in the eye area. Illamasqua skin base foundation really suited my skin as it didn't dry out my skin and I found that it matched my skin tone perfectly as in the past I have found some foundations have been too dark for my skin tone. The foundation also covered up my blemishes and dark circles perfectly. I can't stress enough ladies to actually go to a makeup encounter to get a foundation match and experiment between different foundation shades. I know the foundations can be expensive compared to the foundations found in Boots or Superdrug but it is investment which will save you from those days where you either look washed out or the foundation has left you looking too orange. 

Gleam cream was an amazing discovery when I was getting my makeup done at Illamasqua. I was talking to the makeup artist about how they get my skin to glow and it was down to gleam cream. You can use this by either mixing it with your foundation or apply it on its own. For this product a little goes a long way so it will last you for quite a while and you will see that your skin will be glowing in an instant. 

My cheeks tend to go red very quickly so I avoid applying any blusher. So instead I use this Bronzing Duo which highlights my cheek bones and adds a shimmery glow. When applying bronzer do be careful not to go over board just like the gleam cream a little goes a long way. Applying too much can make it two dimensional and make it muddy, so apply a little at first then add more if needed as taking it off is a lot more difficult and may even ruin your makeup.

Eyebrows make a huge difference to your face; they can make face look fuller, draw attention to your eyes and add dimension to your face. So filling in your eyebrows is a must! The makeup artist at Illamasqua found the right shade for me in the eye brow cake which can be used applied using a eye brow brush or a sealing gel. This eye brow cake made my eye makeup standout and give me more of a 'tidier' appearance. 

To set all my makeup I use this Loose Powder  as it gives that matt finish but it is not as heavy compared to the powder foundation as I still want to have that shine to my face so it does not look dull.

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