Latest Buy: Topshop Espadrilles


This post or actually just me blogging in general is long over due. I put my hands up and admit I got busy and unfortunately uninspired, but this evening while sorting out my laptop I saw all the pictures I took to blog about and it got me excited again. This post is not the most exciting but I will try to blog more from now on. 
So more about the espadrilles, I did purchase them from Topshop for £15 as they were on sale and I got student discount on top of that as well. One of the benefits of being a student minus the exams. 

When espadrilles first hit the fashion scene, I will be honest I was not very welcoming of them at first but after seeing the Chanel espadrilles they started to grow on me. Unfortunately the Chanel espadrilles are not exactly in my budget so these Topshop ones will have to do. 

What are your thoughts on espadrilles? 

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