Product Review: Real Techniques Core Collection


So I am really late on getting on the real technique bandwagon but I have finally purchased them so I thought I'd share my thoughts about the core collection. Before I share more thoughts I do have to tell you that I do not wear makeup often, the only time that I really do wear makeup is for a birthday celebration or a wedding. My goal for the summer is to start practicing more and making more of an effort to actually learn how to apply my own makeup. Slowly but surely I will get there (eventually!)

So onto what I think of the core collection!

I purchased the brushes from Amazon for £10. I know your thinking £10!? I thought the same thing and took advantage of this bargain. Amazon are not currently selling the brushes at that price as they do sometimes alter the prices from day to day. The current price is around £14 which is a lot better from the prices that Boots and Superdrug are selling them at, so you have a win win situation.

When I applied my foundation I felt that it went on smoothly and I was able to blend in my foundation very well. I really liked that the collection had different style of brushes which are versatile as I was able to use them as a foundation brush but also as a blush brush as well.

I like how the brushes came with their own case so I do really have to worry about fitting them in my makeup bag. The brushes do wash well and I did not need to worry about the brush falling apart.

I have also purchased the real technique starter kit so stay tuned for that review as well :) 

If you guys have any questions regarding the brushes feel free to leave a comment below or drop me an email and I am more than happy to answer them. 

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