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Hope everyone is well, I can't believe it's August already!?! How time flies by!
So lately I've been going to Body Shop a lot more often now, especially since they have a lot more offers on from 35-40% to buy one get one half price. I took advantage of these offers and here are the few items that I purchased.

One of the items that I repurchased was the 'Vitamin C Facial Cleansing Polish'. I brought this cleansing polish back in January as my face needed a 'pick me up' during the long winter we had. At first I didn't really see any difference the polish made and after a few washes I started breaking out, so I stopped using it for a bit. However, I thought I'd give it another go and I noticed that it gave my face that glow, however this time around I only use it a few times a month when I need it, which has prevented me from breaking out especially since I have sensitive skin. I do recommend this but I would say purchase it when there is an offer on as it is normally £10, which for some it can be pricey. 

Next off is the 'Ginger anti-dandruff shampoo'! I wanted to try something new as I've been using the L'oreal Elvive anti-druff shampoo for quite a few years now so that day I thought I'd branch out. So I tried out the shampoo the smell I got use to and it wasn't that bad considering it does have ginger in it. It does however leave the smell in your hair which for some may not mind while others would, so that's a point to consider.Unfortunately once I washed my hair and combed my hair I found that my hair become very dry which made me combing my hair very difficult! I was really disappointed with the product as I've already have frizzy/curly hair and making it dry didn't help the situation! I have given the shampoo another go and found that it still made my hair very dry and so I've discontinued using it. Would I recommend this, the answer would be no as it made my hair extremely dry and I wasn't able to see whether it helped reduce the appearance of dandruff as my hair became very damaged looking and lost it's shine. 

Next off is another re-purchase I made was the 'Hemp lip conditioner' which I have purchased over and over again since the assistant at body shop recommended me this. I have very dry lips and especially in the winter it does get a lot worse, which isn't so glamorous. This lip conditioner is a life saver! I've never seen my lips so dry free and I very happy that I don't suffer from it no more. I do have to say I do apply this product once in the morning and at night and maybe sometimes during the day. When you do star using this product do apply it liberality and a lot more often, but once your lips are chapped free you won't have to apply it as often.

Having a body shop loyalty card you receive a £5 gift for your birthday so I used this for the 'Vitamin E eye cream'. Many companies and products do say they can reduce the appearance of dark circles, which to some extent it is true but I have to say some are just for short term result while others don't show any results at all. I have used this eye cream for quite a while now but unfortunately I didn't see any results, which wasn't a surprise to me! However the eye cream did my eye lids really soft and you don't need a lot so you do get good use of the the eye cream. With dark circles you need to find the cause of the dark circles rather than relying on creams as I think that once you know the cause you can treat the dark circles appropriately and hopefully reduce them in the long term whether it's hereditary, lack of sleep/water, vitamin deficiency or allergies.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, please let me know if you want me to review any products you have in mind or drop a comment on a product that you absolutely love, I would love to hear from you! 

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